Dr. Rogerson's innovative 6-day rehabilitation program seamlessly moves you from hip resurfacing surgery to home. This program ensures the best-possible outcomes by combining both land and warm-water-pool PT.

"Generally, my patients are off crutches somewhere between 1½ to 3 weeks post-op."



Dr. Rogerson’s Birmingham hip resurfacing patients will participate in a comprehensive rehabilitation program- “HipHab”.  During your 2 day inpatient surgical stay, Stoughton Hospital will provide land based physical and occupational therapy.  Following hospital discharge, you will receive several days of land and aquatic therapy while staying in a private rehab apartment. Dr. Rogerson utilizes a Prineo water resistant wound closure reinforced with a waterproof tegaderm dressing to ensure wound sterility. Dr. Rogerson offers this innovative approach to rehabilitation with his 6-day program that seamlessly moves you from hip resurfacing surgery to home. This program is modeled after proven programs in Europe to ensure the best-possible outcomes.

*As of June 3rd, 2015, Smith and Nephew (the manufacturer of the BHR prosthesis) has declared that the BHR is now contraindicated for all female patients.

Your HipHab Physical and Occupational Therapists

Left to right: Amy Carlson, Gabriel Cranley, Desiree Robinson, Rhonda Madigan. Not pictured: Paul Dietrich and Brian Ethridge.

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