99.5% of patients responded they were “Pleased” or “Extremely pleased” with their Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery in a 1,626-hip study.

Compared to traditional total hip replacements, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing can have you home and on your feet in as little as one week. The implant is more stable and longer-lasting, and it can allow for more strenuous physical activity.


Are you a female?

As of June 3rd, 2015, Smith and Nephew (the manufacturer of the BHR prosthesis) has declared that the BHR is now contraindicated for all female patients. For more information go to:


What is BHR and its benefits?

Men suffering from hip pain due to arthritis, mild hip dysplasia can benefit from its conservative approach.


Is Birmingham Hip Resurfacing right for you?

The bone-conserving approach of BHR preserves more of the patient’s natural bone structures and stability.

Have More Questions?

You can learn a great deal more by stepping into the shoes of one of our BHR patients and visiting our "Preparing for BHR" area on this website. There you'll find details about our specific approach to patient care, frequently asked questions, and details about recovery.

Why Dr. Rogerson and his clinic are the best choice for you.

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A personal message from Dr. Rogerson

When I realized that I had hip arthritis a number of years ago and would be facing hip replacement surgery in the future, I began to search for alternatives to our traditional metal on plastic arthroplasty. Like many baby boomers, I desire to remain very active and would like to continue to play tennis into a “ripe old age”. Unfortunately, once a traditional hip replacement is performed, high impact activities are restricted because of increased polyethylene (plastic) wear and early loosening of the prosthesis.

Rich H.

Rich H.

BHR Patient

"Triathlete and competitive stair ascent climber Rich H. competes in a Half Ironman following his BHR. He was personally referred to us by another BHR patient and Ironman athlete Scott Tinley."

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With NO CHARGE to you, Dr. Rogerson will perform a BHR analysis of your medical condition and outside x-rays, to see if BHR is right for you.

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