Have you ever wondered what your life will be like following hip resurfacing?

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“Since my surgery on 3/31/08, as of 6/30/11, I have run an additional 2,240 miles, together with an additional 3,952 equivalent miles on the stairs and elliptical machines. I would recommend Dr. Rogerson and the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing to anyone requiring hip replacement. Since my surgery I have been pain free, and back to normal in all of my activities.”  -William H.

“I work as a personal trainer, life coach, hiking and snowshoe guide, while skiing probably 40 days a year living here in Park City, Utah. As a trainer I’ve learned how much the hip socket effects the back, knees etc. I’ve used that knowledge to help my clients improve their fitness and health. I can’t tell you how much getting my hip resurfaced has restored my health to the quality of life I crave. I’m so very glad I discovered Dr. Rogerson.” –Kent M.

“The outdoor stair climb (126 steps) is like the best outdoor gym. What a workout and great therapy. The hip has been great.  I don't even know it’s been resurfaced!” –Rich H.

“I recently earned my PADI Divemaster rating – all of my dive training and experience has occurred after you resurfaced my left hip. I’m riding my road bicycle 100+ miles a week. No pain or limitations – in fact, I’m thinking of having you resurface all of my joints. Thank you for what you have done to enhance the quality of my life.” – Ron A.

“Since I have had my hips resurfaced, my husband and I have traveled a lot. I have walked more than I ever thought possible, even before I had hip problems!  From the Great Wall of China, to Greek Islands, to Germany where the castles are either on hill tops or in valleys, I have been able to walk to all of the sites and enjoy everything the trip has had to offer.  Thank you so much to Dr. Rogerson and the team!” –Gale B.

“I've enjoyed horse back riding again! No discomfort or pain with trying new things that I haven't done in such a long time. I am now able to keep up with my 5 year old who loves to move! I am so thankful Dr. Rogerson. I just love going for walks and trips with my family now. Thank you for taking the time to treat me as a special patient and not just another number.  God Bless you!” –Andrea A.

“I showed the state of my recovery by a rope-skipping demo—crisscrosses front and back, double skips. I’ve also been taking ballroom classes for many months, so I’m doing outstandingly at this point. I run about ten miles a week, lift twice a week. If I can find time free, I’m looking forward to volleyball Monday nights again.” –Richard J.

“10 Ways Hip Resurfacing Changed my Life:”

1. Now I can tie my shoes and dress myself pain free.

2. Attend my nephew’s high school football games and get up and down the bleachers without assistance and without pain.

3. Walk as fast as my husband when we go out around town!

4. Change how slow or fast I cross a street to avoid traffic unassisted.

5. Carry full baskets of laundry up and down the stairs without thinking about needing the handrail to help keep my balance or adjust my weight off a bad leg.

6. Perform any exercise DVD I choose to keep fit, currently doing Insanity by Beachbody, with some modifications on the jumping.

7. Dig and plant in the garden on my knees again.

8. Sweep, mop, and vacuum our home again.

9. Look forward to vacations and travel without worrying about slowing everybody down because of hip pain. In November I’ll be on a two week pilgrimage to Israel, Jordan and Rome!

10. Tend to talk on and on and on even to people I don't know very well as long as anyone will listen to me about the skill of Dr. Rogerson and his team, and the comprehensive attention to detail by his office staff who answer the phone in person and call me by name ever since the first call I made 2.5 years ago “to get a second opinion.  Thank you Dr. Rogerson for believing my life as I knew it didn’t have to be over because of hip problems!” –Ann D.

“Dr. Rogerson is one of the last of the true master clinicians.  He spends all the time necessary to answer all of his patients questions and address all of their concerns.  He leads a team of passionate and compassionate clinicians and support staff that sets patients at ease.  Dr. Rogerson raises the bar for physicians and surgeons.  As a RN I’d be happy to work with the likes of Dr. Rogerson and his team.  As a patient, I’m grateful for his expertise and the expertise of his entire team.” –Eric B.  2015

“It has been 4 years and each and every chance we get to travel, we do. It has given us the ability to attend the events in our children’s lives, where ever they are.” –Curtis W.

“Dr. Rogerson performed resurfacing on my right hip June 23rd of 2014. Played racquetball with my oldest son at a competitive level on December 24th and ran outside on December 29th. Both were an emotional experience! First saw Dr. Rogerson and his amazing staff in April of 2014 in what I thought was a last ditch effort to find someone who would still entertain a resurface vs. THR of my right hip after being told by the 2 largest "gigs" in town that "we don't do that anymore". I and my family were thankful to have met Dr. R. His skill, confidence and above all his compassion resonates through his entire office offering to his patients an experience 2nd to none!” –David R.

“If you need hip replacement, I strongly recommend that you investigate / consider Dr John Rogerson and hip resurfacing.  I had my right hip resurfaced Aug '12 at age 52. Two and one-half years later, I could not be more pleased with the result. I lead a very physically active life including intense cardio and weight lifting.  You can't ask for a better Orthopedist for hip resurfacing using Smith &Nephew's Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) System.  I live 4 hours from Madison, WI -- so I did it as a medical tourist. His treatment protocol included 2 days in the hospital and 4 days of concentrated physical therapy in a residential (i.e. out of hospital) setting. My wife (caregiver) stayed at the residential facility while I was in the hospital.  He partners with physical therapists who have been refining his physical therapy regime with him for over 10 years -- the benefits of that partnership proved themselves as I very quickly was back on my feet and very quickly, steadily improving.” –Karl R.


“Hip Resurfacing…Before and After” 

Before surgery:

-little sleep…sometimes as little as 45 minutes at a time

-constant limp


-Could NOT start bike race

-Bike riding hurt

-Could not run

-constant back pain and continuous chiropractic appointments

After surgery:


-no limp

-no pain medication

-Can now start a race bike and ride motocross

-No hip pain and no back pain

-Feel like I did 20 years ago!” -Michael D.

“My hip resurfacing experience with Dr. Rogerson was the best. Having had it done more than five years ago, it is working very well for me. My left leg is my "strong leg," as I have had a total hip replacement by another surgeon several years before the resurfacing with another doctor. Dr. Rogerson keeps an eye on that one for me when I go in for checkups on the resurfacing. I was up and walking around right away after the surgery, and with the monitoring that he and his assistants did, I recovered very quickly and painlessly. I stayed at the HipHab apartment after the surgery for a few days, and went home confident that all was going well. With therapy, I got rid of my limp and have been very active ever since.  I have been exercising for many years, and have done all kinds of aerobics, as well as running. Since I can't run anymore to get the aerobic part in, I do step aerobics with some fun music, and have just about danced my way to making my hips stronger, while also working on balance, and muscle strengthening. It's not Zumba step, but my own choreography, which changes all the time depending on the music. I have to make exercise fun or I won't do it at all. Thanks, Dr. Rogerson, for helping me get back to enjoying keeping fit!” –Jane W.  2015

“Before I had my Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure, I was not able to do any activities which I wanted. I wanted to be an avid golfer, I wanted to take walks with my wife. So, before my procedure I went for a walk with my wife and after about a half of a block I told her I couldn't go any further and asked her to go back and get the car to bring me back home. Now we can walk as far as we want. Last fall, 2 years after surgery, we went for an eight mile walk. That was amazing. It feels wonderful to be able to do the activities I had done before and do them pain free.”  –Luke W. 2015

“In June of 2007 Dr Rogerson did a hip resurfacing (BHR).  Thank heavens for his skills.  Prior to this surgery I could hardly walk!! I always navigated a room by searching for the nearest chair!! I was in a lot of pain and activities were not possible. Then I met this kind Doctor and his Amazing team and Wow what a difference! The first night after surgery I stood up. No Pain. The post op time was shortened because of the therapy his knowledgeable team provided.  They get you into the pool quickly which really helps you move again.  I would recommend Dr Rogerson and his Team to anyone. They are the Best!  Thank you for giving me back my mobility.  I now hike.  Paddleboard bike play tennis and am so comfortable. Also I now chase after our grandson. Such fun!” -Chris F. 2015

“The “A- Team” of clinical care.  Dr. Rogerson and his staff set the bar for clinical care.” –Eric B. 2015

“I was your 192nd Hip resurfacing patient clear across the state, near Sheboygan.  You resurfaced my hip in August of 2007. In April of 2010, I began counting the miles I ran each month.  From then until now, I totaled 1,469.05 miles” –Marty F. August 2014

“I think of you often, and can never repay you for the quality of life you have given me!” -Bryan J. August 2014

“Still barefoot and slalom waterskiing, and coaching and playing soccer!  I actually started learning backward deepwater barefoot starts this summer.”  -John B. August 2014

“I’m so glad that I found Dr. Rogerson- his team is a class A act! This is a really GREAT operation.”  -Jean M. 2007

“Dr Rogerson and his team are amazing people. I had my hip resurface 10/2012 and it gave me my life back! I am back playiing golf, racquetball and jumping my horse - totally pain free. But more impressive than the surgery was the quality and care of the people, led by Doc!
Does not seem like it would be possible to say this about a surgery, but, the entire experience, from the first consultation to the two year check up, have been something that I will always treasure. Amazing results - more amazing people.” –Bob T.

“Surgery last September I'm running I'm swimming wake boarding and playing tennis the left hip is feeling good.  Thanks Doc!!!”  -Rob D.

“I wanted to express to you and your staff how much I appreciated each and every one of you for your professionalism, expertise and the multidisciplinary team work each of you took on. My hip replacement was in 2011 and today I am doing well -no pain and I am as active as ever.
My sincere gratitude to you Dr. Rogerson for knowing how to put together a well-run clinic and understanding excellent team work… I wish all of you the best and again thank you. ” –Rosalie H.

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