Motocross enthusiast, Michael D. returned to racing following bilateral BHR surgery.

Prior to his procedures, he had a constant limp and was only able to sleep 45 minutes before being awakened by hip pain.



“I had my right hip resurfaced 10-11-10, left hip 10-31-13, both with Dr. Rogerson and his team, and never felt better. My back pain is gone, I can sleep at night, no more limping, was X-country skiing after 3 months, and racing my cycles after 6 months. At 61 years old I spent most of my summer cutting firewood and racing modern and vintage Motocross motorcycles. I plan to X-country ski and work out through the winter to get into the shape I was many years ago. Thank you, I'm enjoying life.” -Mike D.

With NO CHARGE to you, Dr. Rogerson will perform a BHR assessment of your medical condition and outside x-rays to see if BHR is right for you.

You may also talk to someone directly to discuss your next steps.