Ann shares her experience after receiving the ConforMIS total knee replacement at Stoughton Hospital.


On the day of the procedure, I was prepped and got ready for the surgery. Dr. Rogerson gave me once last visit before I was under, and assured me I was in good hands and in a few short months I would be back to normal skiing, playing softball, and dancing with my wife.

When I woke up after the procedure my knee was heavily wrapped, and I was given instructions on what exercises to do as well as a quick lesson on using crutches. I followed the instructions to the letter and my progress was monitored by the staff with phone calls and follow up visits.

To Dr. Rogerson’s word I was dancing with my wife on New Year’s Eve at a Badger Rose Bowl / New Year’s party. The following spring I was able to play softball with my team as well as ski and surf with no pain. I am very pleased with the great work Dr. Rogerson and his staff performed when I injured my knee." - Joe D. 

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