Bill B. had been having trouble with his left shoulder since the mid 70's.

Following his surgery, he now doesn't think about the shoulder at all!


“I had trouble with my left shoulder beginning in 1976.  I went to my first physical therapist, and I liked her so much that I married her.  Then about 5 years ago, I started to again have significant pain in my left shoulder, and I began to just not use my left arm very much.  I tried therapy, and injections, but I still had pain, which was frustrating and discouraging.  Dr, Rogerson and the team operated on my shoulder 2 years ago.   I thought that after the surgery I would be somewhat better, but I actually am fine now.  I don't think about my shoulder at all, and I actually forget that I ever had a shoulder problem.  I still have the same wife, though.” -Bill B. 




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