Our care encompasses non-operative treatments, minimally invasive arthroscopic outpatient surgery, and major joint resurfacing/replacement procedures.

Our focus is on returning each patient to his or her previous normal activity level, whether that be in a sporting activity, work situation or just activities of daily living.


Worker's Compensation

You are free to choose who cares for you in a Worker's Comp injury. Dr. Rogerson's clinic is able to help you return to work with a friendly and knowledgeble staff that is here to care for you in an already stressful situation.

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Full Body Composition Scans

Dr. Rogerson's clinic provides on-site full body composition scans through their partner DEXAMAP. Measure the effectiveness of your fitness routine or dieting program with reports that provide the information and incentive you need.

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Tired of Knee Pain? Meet your solution: Conformis customized knee replacement

Are you struggling with knee pain that won't go away despite all your efforts?  Meet the Conformis Total knee replacement, a customized, patient-specific implant that offers unique advantages we believe are not possible with traditional, off-the-shelf implants, including: Individualized fit that…

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Physicians Plus Services In-Network!

Great News! Effective 11/1/15, Dr. Rogerson is in-network for all Physicians Plus members for BHR hip resurfacing and hip arthroscopy procedures! If you or someone you know has been struggling with hip pain, call and set up an appointment to see if either procedure can get you back to enjoying l…

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Recent BHR news flash for females & others!

Notice & Discussion of Recent BHR Data: (See update at the bottom of this post) -John Rogerson, M.D.  -6/19/15  We recently (June 3, 2015) received notification from Smith & Nephew, Inc., the manufacturer and distributor of the Birmingham hip resurfacing prosthesis (BHR), of a voluntary re…

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Hip Resurfacing: to cement or not to cement...that is the question!

 By: John S. Rogerson, MD April 2015 We have received a number of inquiries in our office regarding the merits of cemented versus non-cemented femoral head components in hip resurfacing arthroplasty.  Bear in mind that my experience with hip resurfacing to date has essentially been associated with…

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