Our care encompasses non-operative treatments, minimally invasive arthroscopic outpatient surgery, and major joint resurfacing/replacement procedures.

Our focus is on returning each patient to his or her previous normal activity level, whether that be in a sporting activity, work situation or just activities of daily living.


Worker's Compensation

You are free to choose who cares for you in a Worker's Comp injury. Dr. Rogerson's clinic is able to help you return to work with a friendly and knowledgeble staff that is here to care for you in an already stressful situation.

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Attention: Physicians Plus Members

Our current limited Physicians Plus contract with State of Wisconsin employees will be ending December 31st, 2014. If you are interested in seeing me as an out-of-network provider in 2015, a prior authorization will be required by Physicians Plus. Please contact our office at 608-231-3410 to inqui…

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Our Thoughts on Metal-on-Metal Hip Bearing Surfaces

DISCUSSION ON METAL-ON-METAL BEARINGS By John S. Rogerson, M.D. Metal-on-metal (MoM), ceramic-on-ceramic (CoC), and ceramicized metal-on polyethylene(CMoP) bearings all were developed as a reaction to the well recognized mediocre long-term results with metal-on-polyethylene hips in younger, m…

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