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PRP: A Game Changer for Aging Joints

PRP: A Game Changer for Aging Joints

Imagine if your body’s own impressive healing powers could be harnessed and used to treat a variety of health issues. You might be shocked to learn that this isn’t some futuristic dream — it’s reality, right now!

Regenerative medicine is an exciting treatment arena that examines how the body heals itself and uses that process as a guide for developing game-changing treatments for everything from skin grafts to certain cancers. 

Orthopedics is an area in which a regenerative treatment — platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy — is making remarkable inroads for those who suffer with many types of joint pain. 

Always interested in innovation, Dr. Ashish Rawal has embraced this nonsurgical treatment for patients who struggle with joint pain, from rotator cuff and ACL tears to sports injuries

Since he serves as the head physician for the Madison Capitols hockey team and treats active patients of all ages, Dr. Rawal has seen firsthand the difference that PRP therapy makes both in the overall healing process and the speed at which healing occurs. 

Dr. Rawal and the entire OrthoTeam Clinic team are dedicated to freeing you from joint pain and are ready with a diverse menu of treatments, including PRP therapy at our clinics in Madison and Stoughton, Wisconsin.. 

The promise of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine actually hastens the healing of tissue that has been harmed by injury, disease, or aging-related wear and tear. It’s also being used to help patients recover from surgical procedures. 

Regenerative medicine applications are even being used in organ-replacement research, so the implications of this treatment are vast. 

Arthritis: Degenerative, painful, life-limiting

Osteoarthritis affects over 32.5 million adults in the US, and develops as a result of the wear and tear on the joints and bone loss that come with aging. Symptoms include:

In addition to the wearing down of the joints due to cartilage rubbing together, joint fluid decreases, and mineral deposits can develop in the joints. This is known as calcification. 

Common joints affected by arthritis include the knees, shoulderships, and hands. 

Arthritis pain can curtail your movement so much that your quality of life plummets.

PRP: A revolutionary, successful arthritis treatment

The four components of your blood are red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Your protein-rich platelets are what enable your blood to clot. The proteins contained in your platelets are growth factors, which fuel your body’s healing, and contain an amazing 5 to 10 times the amount of growth factors as your blood. 

When you come to our office for a PRP treatment, we perform a small blood draw and reconstitute your blood in a device called a centrifuge. This process highly concentrates your platelets, and we reinject this “liquid gold” into your arthritic joint. 

The power of the platelets to speed up your healing is truly remarkable. 

Patients who have long suffered with life-altering arthritis symptoms have embraced PRP treatment for its many benefits: It’s safe, natural, noninvasive, and most importantly, brings longed-for relief! Post-treatment, you start noticing results in a matter of weeks to several months, depending on your particular arthritis issues. 

In addition to arthritis pain, PRP therapy helps with a range of soft tissue injuries, from tendinitis to a torn ligament, and it even has surgical applications. 

Dr. Rawal and his dedicated team are committed partners in optimizing your health, which is why he is such an invested proponent of progressive treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy. 

Call either OrthoTeam Clinic office to schedule a consultation with us to see if PRP treatment may be right for you, or request an appointment online. We also offer telemedicine appointments when appropriate for patients. 

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