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Knee Replacement Specialist

OrthoTeam Clinic

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Madison & Stoughton, WI

The OrthoTeam Clinic in Madison & Stoughton, Wisconsin offers custom knee replacement as an advanced treatment option for osteoarthritis on the knee. With this custom knee implant, you get a better fit and feel. To learn more about what a custom knee replacement can do for you, call the office or reserve your appointment online today.

Knee Replacement Q&A

How do I ensure the best outcome from my knee replacement?

Not all knee replacements are created equal. In fact, as many as one in five people report being dissatisfied with their new knee. Dr. Rawal believes that if you’re going to make the choice to get surgery on your knee, you should be thrilled with the results.

That’s why he offers customized knee replacements. Instead of being limited to a few standard sizes of replacement knees, he uses ConforMIS iFit® to create a knee that matches your natural knee as closely as possible. This technique helps recreate each patient’s individual anatomy.

How is my customized knee replacement made?

Dr. Rawal first takes a computed tomography (CT) scan of your knee. Then  using ConforMIS iFit image-to-implant® technology, he converts that scan of your natural knee into a 3D model. Using this model as a guide, a custom knee implant can be made that precisely matches your natural knee. 

What are the benefits of a customized knee replacement?

When you choose a customized knee replacement, you get:

A better fit

The custom ConforMIS  knee implant is designed and manufactured to align perfectly with your femur, tibia, and other key components around your knee. As a result, your new knee fits precisely, helping you avoid the positioning and sizing challenges that often come with off-the-shelf implants and the resulting discomfort. 

Improved stability

Up to 20% of patients say their knee feels unstable after a replacement. But with a customized knee replacement that replicates your natural knee, you can expect all the stability you enjoyed when your knee was working its best. 

A more natural feel

Because your customized knee matches your natural knee and aligns with your body’s exact needs, it can bend and extend just like your natural knee at its best. This means you get a new knee that feels closer to a natural knee than an off-the-shelf implant. 

To learn more about this innovative knee replacement option, call the office or reserve an appointment online today.