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Life After a Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear limits your movement and may sideline you from your favorite activities. It's also quite painful. Here, learn more about rotator cuff tear causes, symptoms, treatments, and recovery time after treatment.
Oct 18th, 2022

PRP: A Game Changer for Aging Joints

Arthritis pain and stiffness affect over 32 million people. These symptoms limit your mobility and are therefore life-altering. Learn about a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment that harnesses your body’s own healing powers to bring you relief.
Aug 19th, 2022

When Is Knee Surgery the Best Option for a Meniscus Tear?

Knee pain is a common complaint, affecting highly active people and aging adults alike. One of the most frequent causes of knee pain is a torn meniscus. Sometimes, surgery is the best way to restore joint stability. Here’s what you should know.
Jun 27th, 2022