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Sports Medicine

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Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Madison & Stoughton, WI

Ashish Rawal, MD, is fellowship-trained and board-certified in sports medicine and orthopedic surgey. If you want top-quality sports medicine care, look no further than Dr. Rawal and his staff at OrthoTeam Clinic Shoulder Center in Madison & Stoughton, Wisconsin. With extensive experience and a commitment to offering his patients the latest treatments available today, Dr. Rawal helps patients heal from sports injuries and avoid future injuries. Call the office or reserve an appointment online to get started with sports medicine.

Sports Medicine Q&A

What is sports medicine?

Dr. Rawal applies sports medicine to help his patients heal quickly and fully from sports injuries. He also tailors care to help them avoid injuries in the future. As an experienced sports medicine practitioner, Dr. Rawal is uniquely positioned to help patients of all ages and all levels of athleticism safely enjoy their sport of choice.

In fact, he currently serves as the head physician for the Madison Capitols, a United States Hockey League team, while treating child and adult athletes at OrthoTeam Clinic Shoulder Center. If you or your child play a sport, don’t hesitate to talk with Dr. Rawal about what sports medicine can do for you.  

What injuries can sports medicine treat?

Dr. Rawal treats a broad range of sports injuries at OrthoTeam Clinic Shoulder Center. He most commonly treats rotator cuff tears, labral injuries, shoulder instability (dislocation), shoulder separation (AC joint injuries), and clavicle fractures. 

He starts his patients with the most conservative treatment possible, often started with basics like the RICE technique, which calls for:


  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation



No athlete likes to hear that they need a surgical procedure, but Dr. Rawal has a way to improve their outcome while shortening their recovery time. As an arthroscopic surgeon, he can perform many procedures through small minimally invasive incisions. By feeding a thin device with a camera on the end (the arthroscope) through that incision, he can perform the procedure you need without open surgery. 

Can sports medicine help with injury prevention?

Absolutely. While many patients first seek care with Dr. Rawal because they’re currently injured, he continues to work with patients to help them avoid injury moving forward. This helps them avoid chronic injuries, enabling them to safely play their sport for years to come. 

To protect athletes against injury, Dr. Rawal works with them to develop an exercise routine that strengthens key stabilizing and supporting muscles. He also helps them choose the right equipment to support their body as they play their sport. 

Call OrthoTeam Clinic Shoulder Center or reserve an appointment online today if you’re curious about what sports medicine can do for you. 

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